MIXED DOUBLE, Table, Fürth, 2021

Are two tables more than the sum of their legs and table tops? This pair of tables was designed for the ORKO cafe and bar. The limited space of the venue asked for a flexible solution that could provide for lunch, as much as drinks in the evening, for private meetings as well as public events. The tables work as a team, they can be combined in countless options –or just stand on their own. Each consists of two interlocking table tops and three leg panels, with the angled arrangement allowing for countless possible combinations. To facilitate a continued rearrangement, the tables are not made from solid wood but rather of meticulously veneered lightweight wooden panels. A rosé-stained ash wood in both end and longitudinal grain was used as the veneer, giving the tables a monolithic, solid appearance. Over the course of the coming years, the thick veneer will accrue its own patina and character. Cheers!